Technical Questions asked in Amazon

  1. What is the function of application programs in the DBMS approach?
    1. processing functions
    2. storage functions
    3. access control
    4. None of these

    Answer: Option A
  2. What of the following sorting procedure is the slowest?
    1. Bubble sort
    2. Quick sort
    3. Heap sort
    4. Shell sort

    Answer: Option A
  3. Which of the following is the function/s of the database administration?
    1. Application checking
    2. Database access planning
    3. Computer applications management
    4. All of these

    Answer: Option B
  4. What is the order to access the elements of a pushdown stack ?
    1. First In First Out
    2. Last In First Out
    3. Last In Last Out
    4. First In Last Out

    Answer: Option B
  5. The C declaration
    int A[5][7]
    Contains x elements, each of these elements is itself an array containing y integers.
    What is the value of 2x+y
    1. 17
    2. 24
    3. 35
    4. None of these

    Answer: Option A
  1. Consider that m elements are to be sorted. What is the worst case time complexity of bubble sort ?
    1. O(1)
    2. O(log n)
    3. O(n)
    4. O(n2)

    Answer: Option D
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