Amazon Test Pattern

AMAZON Technical Questions

  1. What is the function of application programs in the DBM approach ?
    • processing functions
    • storage functions
    • access control
    • None of these

  2. What of the following sorting procedure is the slowest?
    • Bubble sort
    • Quick sort
    • Heap sort
    • Shell sort

  3. Which of the following is the function/s of the database administration?
    • Application checking
    • Database access planning
    • Computer applications management
    • All of these
  4. What is the order to access the elements of a pushdown stack ?
    • First In First Out
    • Last In First Out
    • Last In Last Out
    • First In Last Out

  5. The C declaration
    int A[5][7]
    Contains x elements, each of these elements is itself an array containing y integers.
    What is the value of 2x+y
    • 17
    • 24
    • 35
    • None of these

  6. Consider that m elements are to be sorted. What is the worst case time complexity of bubble sort ?
    • O(1)
    • O(log n)
    • O(n)
    • O(n2)