Technical Questions asked in CommScope

  1. What is a half byte known as?
    1. data
    2. bit
    3. bill
    4. nibble

    Answer: Option D.
  2. What is storage of 10 KB means in number of bytes?
    1. 1000
    2. 10240
    3. 1024
    4. None of these

    Answer:  Option B.
  3. SQL stands for _______
    1. Structured Query Language
    2. Sequential Query Language
    3. Structured Question Language
    4. Structured Question Language

    Answer: Option A.
  4. When our function doesn’t need to return anything means what we will put as parameter in function?
    1. void
    2. blank space
    3. null
    4. none of the mentioned

    Answer: Option B.
    We leave blank space if nothing is needed for returning in function
  5.  What is the first element in a sting?
    1. The name of the string
    2. The length of the string
    3. The address of the string
    4. The first character in the string

    Answer: Option A.
  6. In which field the static RAM is less complicated than dynamic RAM
    1. Cost
    2. Execution unit
    3. Interfacing circuit
    4. Complexity

    Answer: Option C.
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