Technical Questions asked in Verifone

  1. Which of the following is a primary engine instrument:
    1. Tachometer
    2. Fuel flow meter
    3. Torque meter
    4. Air speed indicator
    Answer: Option A.
  2. Which of the following is the major shortcomings of the microprocessor?
    1. Flexible programming nature
    2. Large Board Size than micro controller
    3. Notification remembrance of quirks for each component
    4. Option B and C
    Answer: Option D.
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  1. For the application layer,the protocol data unit (PDU) is:
    1. Packets
    2. Frames
    3. Messges
    4. Datagram
    Answer: Option C.
  2. In an IP datagram, time to live(TTL) represents:
    1. Reduction in delays
    2. Prevention from packet looping
    3. Prioritzing packets
    4. Optimizing the throughput
    Answer: Option B.
  3. Which of the following doesnot interrupt a running process:
    1. A device
    2. Schedular process
    3. Power failure
    4. Timer
    Answer: Option B.
  4. Which of the following layer is responsible for bit stuffing?
    1. Data Link Layer
    2. Network Layer
    3. Application Layer
    4. Transport Layer
    Answer: Option A.
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