Technical Questions asked in SBI

  1. Under Section 118 of the Negotiable Instruments Act,1881, it is presumed, until the contrary is proved, that every transfer of a negotiable instrument was made
    1. After its maturity
    2. Before its maturity
    3. As its maturity
    4. None of the above
    Answer: Option B.
  2. As per section 147 of the Negotiable Instruments Act,1881, every offence punishable under the Act are:
    1. Compoundable
    2. Non-compoundable
    3. Cognizable
    4. Both (b) and(c) above
    Answer:  Option A.

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  1. Cognizance of an offence under section 138 can be taken by a court only on a/an
    1. Police report( section 142)
    2. Complaint (section 142)
    3. Application to the District Judge(section 142)
    4. None of the above
    Answer: Option B.
  2. The size of header information of UDP packet is
    1. 8
    2. 16
    3. 32
    4. 40
    Answer: Option A.
  3. Which protocol is used for end-to-end delivery?
    1. SCTP
    2. TCP
    3. UDP
    4. SMTP
    Answer: Option D.
  4. Bankers algorithm for resource allocation deals with -
    1. deadlock preventation
    2. deadlock avoidance
    3. deadlock recovery
    4. mutual exclusion
    Answer: Option B.

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