Technical Questions asked in Oracle

  1. Which of the following data structures are used in RDBMS.
    1. Graph
    2.  Array of structures
    3.  Trees
    4.  None of these
    Answer: Option B.
  2. NULL is
    1. the same as 0 for integer
    2.  the same as blank for character
    3.  the same as 0 for integer and blank for character
    4.  not a value
    Answer: Option D.

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  1.  Choose the proper statement
    1. :volatileisareserved keywordinC++
    2.  :userdefinedvariablescanalsobeoverloadedalongwithmethodandoperators.
    3.  :'bool' keywordisusedforlogicalvalues
    4.  :Both Aand C
    Answer: Option D.
  2. Analyse the following code snippet: ClassTemp 



    intmain(intargc,char**argv)v { 
    Temp oTempObject; cout< } .
    1. Displays the first character of the string
    2. Displays the complete string Hello
    3. Error
    4. Displays the last character of the string
    Answer: Option B.
  3. using' in C++ is for.
    1. 'using' does not exist in C++
    2.  used for library functions
    3.  'using' is a literal in C++
    4.  used for pointers
    Answer: Option B.
    Note : it is also used often for namespaces.
  4. Which of the following statements is true after execution of the program? 
    int a[10],I,*p; 
    a[0]=1; a[1]=2; p=a; (*p)++;
    1. a[0]=2
    2.  a[1]=3
    3.  a[1]=1
    4.  a[0]=3
    Answer: Option A.
    Explanation: base adderss of array a[] is assigned to p, *p gives value hold by base address, thus (*p)++ increment the value hold by base address by one

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