Technical Questions asked in Nagarro-Software

  1. Which if the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure
    1. Abstract level
    2. Application level
    3. Implementation level
    4. All of the above
    Answer: Option D.
  2. What protocol does PPP use to identify the Network layer protocol?
    1. NCP
    2. ISDN
    3. HDLC
    4. LCP
    Answer: Option A.
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    1. Which of the following is not the part of ADT description?
      1. Data
      2. Operations
      3. Both of the above
      4. None of the above
      Answer: Option D.
    2. What does a VLAN do?
      1. Acts as the fastest port to all servers.
      2. Provides multiple collision domains on one switch port.
      3. Breaks up broadcast domains in a layer 2 switch internet work.
      4. Provides multiple broadcast domains within a single collision domain
      Answer: Option C.
    3. Which one of the following is not a real time operating system?
      1. Vx Works
      2. Windows CE
      3. RT Linux
      4. Palm OS
      Answer: Option D.
    4. Which data structure allows deleting data elements from and inserting at rear?
      1. Stacks
      2. Queues
      3. Dequeues
      4. Binary search tree
      Answer: Option B.

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