Technical Questions asked in L&T ECC

  1. When a body is in motion, the type of friction exeprienced by the body is:
    1. Rolling friction
    2. Limiting friction
    3. Dynamic friction
    4. Static friction
    Answer: Option C.
  2. Charles' Law states that
    1. p/T= constant (v is kept constant)
    2. p.v= constant (T is kept constant)
    3. v/T = constant (p is kept constant)
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option C.

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  1. What should be the increase in length of the pendulum, in order to triple the period of swing?
    1. Increased by 8-fold
    2.  Incraesed by 9-fold
    3. Increased by 7-fold
    4. No change
    Answer: Option B.
  2. The moment of interia of a square of side a about its base is:
    1. a2/3
    2. a4/2
    3. a4/3
    4. a2/2
    Answer: Option C.
  3. The cutting angle , for drilling stainless steel should be:
    1. 90°
    2. 150°
    3. 180°
    4. 135°
    Answer: Option D.
  4. When two elements of a pair have surface contact when in motion, it is said to be :
    1. Higher pair
    2. Lower pair
    3. Rolling pair
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option B.

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