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SAP is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The company is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional offices all around the world. The company has over 335,000 customers in over 180 countries. As of 2016, SAP is the world's third largest software and programming company. The corporation operates in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and South America.
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Products & Services
SAP focuses on 25 industries and six industry sectors: process industries, discrete industries, consumer industries, service industries, financial services and public services. It offers integrated product sets for large enterprises, mid-sized companies and small businesses.
SAP is best-known its software products out of which its enterprise resource planning application systems and management (SAP ERP), its enterprise data warehouse product – SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), SAP Business Objects software, and most recently, Sybase mobile products and the in-memory computing appliance SAP HANA are the most famous ones.
Core service areas of SAP include:
  • ERP and Digital Core
  • Digital Platform
  • Procurement and Networks
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IoT and Digital Supply Chain
  • People Engagement
  • Finance
Why SAP?
  • SAP is recognised as a "2018 Global Top Employer" by the Top Employers Institute for its exceptional employee working conditions in 22 countries, 4 regions, and Global Headquarters.
  • SAP is the first multinational tech company to receive Global Gender Equality Certification, recognising our global commitments and actions in achieving and sustaining gender diversity and equality in the workplace.
  • SAP is a 1st EDGE-certified tech company as well as regular winner of multiple Great Place to Work awards in numerous countries including "Best Workplaces for Giving Back", "Best Multinational Companies in Latin America", "Fortune 100 Best Companies", "Companies that Care", "Best IT Workplace", "Most Trusted Leader", and "Best Large Workplace".
  • While working with SAP you'll be the part of an industry-leading team that champions innovation, leverages deep and cutting-edge SAP expertise and pioneers industry solutions to help transform the world's leading organizations and governments.
  • SAP offers unmatched opportunities for its employees to fast-track their career.
  • AT SAP, you'll get an opportunity to power the intelligent enterprise
  • At SAP, you'll also work with most diversified clients to solve their most complex business challenges and find new ways to operate and grow via automation, digitization and systems integration in a culture where professional and personal balance is vital to success.
  • At SAP, you'll be a part a community where you will not only lead in the development and implementation of new SAP-based solutions, but you'll build new skills, strengthen your expertise and develop cross-industry skills with 24*7 access to the SAP Learning Hub, multiple-module learning boards and classroom-style training.
  • A career in SAP will give you an opportunity to use design thinking, agile development and the latest technologies, including cloud, advanced data and analytics, IoT and applied intelligence, to develop and deliver next-generation SAP solutions.
  • At SAP, you'll work with a global team of nearly 47000 SAP experts.
  • At SAP, you'll experience the working with the latest technologies and platforms such as SAP Cloud Platform, S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, big data, analytics and mobile.
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