Technical Questions asked in Zensar

  1. In tree construction which is the suitable efficient data structure?
    1. Array
    2. Linked list
    3. Stack
    4. Queue
    Answer: Option B.
  2. The function that actually created from a call to a template function is called
    1. Generated
    2. Inherited
    3. Spawned
    4. Declassified
    Answer: Option C.

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  1. Choose the proper statement
    1. volatile is a reserved keyword in C++
    2. user defined variables can also be overloaded along with method and operators.
    3. 'bool' keyword is used for logical values
    4. Both A and C
    Answer: Option D.
  2. Pulse stuffing is a strategy used in________________________.
    1. FDM
    2. TDM
    3. FHS
    4. DSSS
    Answer: Option B.
  3. Predict the output of following program
    fragment main ( )
    float balance, loan; balance =1000.0;
    loan = balance/10;
    if ((balance > 500) && ( loan < 500))
    printf(“good account \n");
    if((balance < 500) || (loan < 500))
    printf(“caution ! \n");
    1. good account
    2. caution !
    3. good account caution !
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option C.
    Both statements should be true in and(&&) operation and atleast one expression should be true in or(||) operator.
  4. Mark the best option:
    The declarations
    typedef float height [100];
    height men, women;
    1. define men and women as 100 element floating point arrays
    2. define men and women as 100 floating point variables
    3. define height, men and women as floating point variables
    4. are illegal
    Answer: Option A.

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