Technical Questions asked in Tech Mahindra

Most of the companies conduct technical tests as a part of their placement selection process. The main focus of these tests is on checking the technical skills and knowledge of the candidates. In the placement rounds conducted by Tech Mahindra, the technical test is the third stage, held after the aptitude and essay-writing test. The best way to prepare for technical test is to revise the related subjects thoroughly and have a grasp of the fundamentals.

Tech Mahindra Technical Test
There are 26 questions in the technical test, of which one is a coding question and the rest are multiple-choice questions. These MCQs are from the following topics:
  • OOPS
  • SQL Basics
  • DBMS
  • Computer Fundamentals, etc.
Preparation Tips for Tech Mahindra Technical Questions

Following are some basic points which should be kept in mind while preparing for the technical tests:

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  • Always update with the latest test pattern of a specific company.
  • Focus on the basics fundamentals of core subjects related to your specialization.
  • Work on your practical as well as theoretical knowledge.
  • Identify the areas in which you are most comfortable with.

The syllabus and the pattern of the technical tests for companies usually vary as per the company domains and requirements.

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