Technical Questions asked in Paytm

  1. What is route poisoning?
    1. It sends back the protocol received from a router as a poison pill, which stops the regular updates.
    2. It is information received from a router that can't be sent back to the originating router.
    3. It prevents regular update messages from reinstating a route that has just come up.
    4. It describes when a router sets the metric for a downed link to infinity.
    Answer: Option D.
  2. Which of the following is true regarding RIPv2?
    1. It has a lower administrative distance than RIPv1.
    2. It converges faster than RIPv1.
    3. It has the same timers as RIPv1.
    4. It is harder to configure than RIPv1.
    Answer: Option C.
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  1. The area in the main memory that can hold one page is called as ______
    1. Page entry
    2.  Page frame
    3.  Frame
    4.  Block
    Answer: Option B.
  2. The starting address of the page table is stored in ______
    1. TLB
    2.  R0
    3. Page table base register
    4. None of the above
    Answer: Option C.
  3. Which one is true about clustered index?
    1. Clustered index is not associated with table
    2. Clustered index is built by default on unique key columns
    3. Clustered index is not built on unique key columns
    4. None of the mentioned
    Answer: Option B.
  4. Does index take space in the disk?
    1. It stores memory as and when required
    2. Yes, Indexes are stored on disk
    3. Indexes are never stored on disk
    4. Indexes take no space
    Answer: Option B.
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