All About Nucleus-Software

Nucleus Software is an industry of IT products and solutions which serves the banking and financial sectors. Founded in 1986, the company offers a wide range of services related to banking industry. Nucleus Software has offices in more than 50 countries and has seven owned subsidiaries which include:
  • Nucleus Software Solutions Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Nucleus Software, India
  • Nucleus Software Australia Pty. Ltd, Australia and many more
Head Quarters:
  •  Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Key People:
  • Chief Executive Officer – Vishnu  R. Dusad
  • Chief Financial Officer – Ashish  Nanda
  •  The logo of Nucleus Software is simply the name of the company.
Net Revenue:
  • US$ 57.74 million (FY 2013-2014)
Total Number of Employees
  • 1,488 employees ( FY 2014)
 Official Website:
  • Nucleus Software’s Finn One has won The Banking Technology Award 2016.
  • Nucleus was awarded with Model Bank Vendor Award 2016 by Celent.
  • Forrestor  Research Inc. positioned Nucleus Software in world’s top 5 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in 2015.
  •  The company has won The Corporate LiveWire – FinTech Excellence Awards in 2015.
  • In 2015, the company was conferred the 9th Social and Governance Awards.
  • Nucleus Software’s Annual Report has won the prestigious Platinum Award among the world’s top 50 Annual Reports for the 3rd successive years and was awarded by the League of American Communications Professional (LACP).
  • The company has won The Asset Corporate Awards in 2014.
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