Newgen Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for questions 1-5:Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.
The men of Suvarnanagari were very lazy. They only liked to gossip and tell each other tall tales. As soon as the sun rose, the men would tuck into a hearty breakfast and then gather in groups for their daily session of gossiping. Then they would spend the rest of the day telling each other impossible stories. They came back home only at lunch and dinner time. The farmlands of Suvarnanagari were very fertile. If the men had spent even a little time at the fields, they would have reaped wonderful crops. But as they did nothing, all the responsibilities ended up on the shoulders of the women. They had to work hard the whole day. They cooked, cleaned, sent the children to school, worked in the fields, took the crops to the market - in short they did everything. One day the tired women gathered and decided that the men needed to be taught a lesson. One of them suggested that they write to the king about their problem, as he was known to be a just and a kind person. So the letter was written and sent to the king. The women went back to their daily routines hoping that the king would soon take some action. Many days passed, nothing changed, no one came, and the poor women began to lose hope. 'After all why would the king of such a vast empire be concerned about the plight of the women of such a tiny village?' they thought. A month passed by and it was a full moon night. The men ate their dinners and because it was so beautiful and well lit outside, they gathered again to chat and boast. That night they were trying to prove to one another that they were capable of performing the most impossible tasks. Soon a tall and handsome stranger joined them. Seeing his noble features and intelligent eyes, each one wanted to prove himself better than the others and impress him. One said, "I knew the map of this kingdom even before I was born. I ran to meet the king as soon as I was born; my mother had such trouble bringing me back home!" Everyone was impressed by this story. Soon another man said, "So what is so great about that? When I was just a day old, I could ride a horse. I sat on a big horse and rode all the way to the king's palace. He received me with a lot of love and we had the most delicious meal together." This was even more impressive so everyone applauded. Now a third man said, "Huh! That is nothing. I sat on an elephant when I was a week old and had lunch with the king in his palace." Before the admiring murmurs could die down, a fourth man said, "When I was a month old, I flew like a bird and landed in the king's garden. The king picked me up and even let me sit on his throne with him." While everyone was in awe of these stories, the stranger spoke up, "Do all four of you know the king very well?" "Of course we do!" they replied together. "Our king knows and loves us. In fact he is proud to have supernatural beings like us in his kingdom," one of them added. The stranger looked thoughtful. "That makes my task so much easier. You see, I work in the king's court. Some days ago the king had summoned four supermen to the city in order to repair a large hole in the city wall. As you know, we use only the largest and the toughest stones for building these walls, and they could be lifted and put in place only by these supermen. The four supermen asked to be paid in gold bars and the king complied. But the night they received their fee, they disappeared from the palace. I have been wandering around ever since looking for them. The king has ordered me to find the four men and bring them back to the capital to finish the work. They will also have to return the gold bars they ran away with. It looks like the search has finally ended. I will take the four of you to the king along with the gold bars. The king will be very pleased with me and will surely reward me," said the stranger. By the time the stranger finished his story the four men realized that their lies had landed them into a huge trouble. Their faces turned ashen and they dived at the stranger's feet. "Save us!" they pleaded. "Those were all lies. We are all just a bunch of lazy men. But if you forgive us and forget our stories we promise to do some honest work and stop telling such lies," they wailed. The stranger smiled and said, "Alright, I will tell the king that there are no supermen in this village, just honest and hardworking men and women." That night the stranger left the village. The women were sure that it was none other than the king himself.
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  1. How did the men of Suvarnanagari spend their days?
    1. They helped in repairing the kingdom's walls
    2. They worked in the fields and at the market
    3. They only ate, gossiped and told each other tall tales
    4. They searched for the supermen
    5. They spoke about their experiences
    Answer: Option C
    Refer to First line of passage .They only liked to gossip and tell each other tall tales………. & fourth line They came back home only at lunch and dinner time……
  2. What did the women of Suvarnanagari decide?
    1. That they would complain to the king about the lazy men
    2. That they would write a letter to the village headman
    3. That they would stop working in the fields
    4. That they would stop sending the children to school
    5. That they would start gossiping like the men
    Answer: Option A
    Refer to lines 8-12 of passage. One of them suggested that they write to the king about their problem………
    DIRECTIONS for question 3: Fill in the blanks
  3. Why did the women of Suvarnanagari start losing hope?
    1. Because there was no improvement in the men's behaviour despite the king's intervention
    2. Because many days had passed and the king had not acted on their complaint
    3. Because they could not earn much despite working hard all day in the field
    4. Because the king always favoured the men of Suvarnanagari
    5. Because they were losing their importance after the men had started working
    Answer: Option B
    Refer to lines 14-20 of passage. Many days passed, nothing changed, no one came, and the poor women began to lose hope………….
  4. What did the second man boast about?
    1. That he knew the way to the palace even before being born
    2. That he was stronger than all the other supermen in that village
    3. That he flew to the king's palace a week after he was born
    4. That he rode an elephant after he was born and had lunch with the king
    5. That he rode a horse a day after he was born and had a meal with the king
    Answer: Option E
    Refer to line of passage Soon another man said, "So what is so great about that? When I was just a day old, I could ride a horse. I sat on a big horse……….
  5. Why were the four supermen summoned by the king as told by the stranger?
    1. To make sure that the men of Suvarnanagari were working in the fields
    2. To rob the gold bars from Suvarnanagari
    3. To help the women of Suvarnanagari in their daily chores
    4. To make sure that the children of Suvarnanagari went to school
    5. To fix the hole in the city wall with strong and big stones
    Answer: Option  E
    Refer to tenth line from bottom The king has ordered me to find the four men and bring them back to the capital to finish the work……………
    DIRECTIONS for questions 6: The first sentence is the introductory sentence; rearrange the remaining sentences to form a logical sequence
  6. Work is an important part of one's life
    1. As a result the nonstop tensions and anxieties at work often result in health related problems.
    2. The truth is we cannot change the world of work.
    3. We spend at least half our waking hours at work.
    4. We have therefore to take change and transform the way in which we respond to our work environment.
    5. So how can we .control these problems and perform at work?
    6. However we can change the way we feel and deal with various situations
    1. 315264
    2. 264315
    3. 312645
    4. 123456
    5. 456213
    Answer: Option A
    The statement 3 will come after the fixed sentence as it substantiates whatever is mentioned in the first fixed sentence.After this 1 will come as it is the effect of 'work' on oneself and leaving one exhausted which results in problems mentioned in statement 1 .5 represents above mentioned health issues with 'these problems' which is carried forward by statement 2 by acknowledging the fact that one cannot change the world of work, extending the paragraph towards the solution to these problems in 6 and 4 respectively. So the final sequence is 315264.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 7: Read the directions given and answer the question accordingly
  7. It has been reported in recent years that a very large number of seats in the engineering colleges in the country remain vacant at the end of the admission session.
    Which of the following may be the probable cause of the above effect?
    1. There has been a considerable decrease in hiring of engineering graduates due to economic slow-down in the recent years
    2. Students have always preferred to complete graduation in three years time instead of four years for engineering
    3. The Govt. has recently decided to provide post qualification professional training to all engineering graduates at its own cost
    4. There has always been a very poor success rate among the engineering students
    5. None of these.
    Answer: Option A
    This particular question is based on cause and effect. The right answer option is (A).One of the reasons for a large number of vacant seats in the engineering colleges could be due to a recession in the economy and this is mentioned in the first statement.
    Option B cannot be an answer as it is abrupt and factually wrong.
    Option C cannot be considered as an appropriate alternative as post qualification training by government has nothing to do with less number of seats in Engineering colleges.
    Option D is vague
    DIRECTIONS for questions 8-9: Read the directions given and answer the question accordingly.
  8. They_________ changed a few criterion in____________ recruitment process.
    1. has - our
    2. have - their
    3. can - a
    4. had - an
    5. may - company
    Answer: Option B
    Because they is Plural so the Blanks Should also have plural words i.e. Have – their.
  9. They had____________ the venue for the party a month________.
    1. found - soon
    2. saw - earlier
    3. looked - later
    4. selected - easily
    5. booked - in advance
    Answer: Option E
    The key phrase in the statement is 'a month' thus the best option for the second blank is 'in advance' corresponding to the first choice 'booked' in the first blank. Rest of the pairs seems to be inappropriate to go in both blanks.
    DIRECTIONS for the question 10:   Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in red in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and 'No correction is required', mark (E) as the answer.
  10. Barring the few, all the customers are defaulters.
    1. Barred a few
    2. Leave a few
    3. Barring a less
    4. Barring a few
    5. No correction required
    Answer: Option D
    Correct Phrase is Barring a Few that means except for a few.
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