Technical Questions asked in Mindtree

  1. The working principle behind the Optimal Page Replacement algorithm is
    1. Replace the page that will not be used for the longest period of time
    2. Replace the page that will not be used for the shortest period of time
    3. Replace the page that is most frequently used
    4. Replace the page that is least frequently used

    Answer:  Option A.
  2. Among the following devices, the one used in Local Area Network is
    1. Router
    2. NIC
    3. Gateway
    4. Bridge

    Answer:  Option B.
    Except B , others are used to connect to different networks.
  3. What is the output of following program?
    1. 1,0
    2. 1,1
    3. 0,0
    4. 0,1

    Answer:  Option A.
    Explanation:(1<2) =1, so 1<2<3 is viewed as (1<2)<3 hence true that is 1 , (3>2)=1 3>2>1 is viewed as (3>2)>1 is false that is 0.
  4. A state is in______________________ situation if the system can allocate resources to each process in some order and still avoid a deadlock.
    1. safe
    2. unsafe
    3. waiting
    4. mutually excluded

    Answer:  Option A.
  5. Loopback address is

    Answer:  Option C.
  6. What is the full form of ISDN?
    1. Integrated Services Digital Network
    2. Integrated Services Data Network
    3. Integrated Standard Digital Network
    4. Integrated Standard Data Network

    Answer:  Option A.
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