Maruti Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for the questions 1 to 5 : Read the passage and answer the question based on it.

Among the several citrus fruits, acid lime is one of the most prolific yielder, and this crop can be profitably grown in the tropical plains and hill slopes with scant water resources. It comes up well in sandy loam rich in organic residues and endowed with adequate drainage. Good quality grafts are ideal for raising a healthy and productive lime garden. The grafts yield true-to-parent plants of high yielding potential, and are early bearers. They also bear big fruits all through the year. However, the longivity of the grafts is less as compared with the trees developed from the seeds, according to experts. Seeds extracted from healthy fruits from proven mother plants will develop into robust plants with longer life. The main field should be throughly tilled, and ripe farmyard manure should be incorporated well with the final ploughing and land levelling. Green manuring will also help in increasing the soil organic matter content, and in improving the soil structure. A spacing of 6 m by 6 m is recommended for raising acid lime plantation. Pits of 90 cm by 90 cm are to be dug, and filled up with adequate quantities of vermi-compost, coir-pith compost and small amounts of powdered neem cake and bio fertilizers. About 250 plants can be accommodated in a hectare. Regular irrigation is essential in the early stages of crop establishment. Drip irrigation, pitcher irrigation and micro-sprinklers have been found to give good results, besides saving considerable quantities of water and energy. In the initial months after planting, sufficient shade should be provided to protect the tender seedlings and grafts from harsh sun. Planting Sesbania (agathi) around the young plants will be effective in ensuring the required shade, besides enriching the soil. Several annual crops such as pulses and vegetables can be raised as intercrops in the initial years. The plants should be trained to grow vertically by discouraging the lateral shoots and other growths. Regular pruning to get the desired dome-shape should be done when the plants are still young. The field should be kept free of weed and other unwanted vegetation. Regular manuring should be done twice annually. The nutrients mostly organic in nature should be incorporated at the base of the plants, and watered immediately. The plants particularly respond well to liberal application of organic amendments. The micro-nutrient deficiencies will not be noticed in acid lime plantations raised with rich organic nutrients. Plant protection is an important aspect in acid lime cultivation. The plants should be sprayed with cow's urine, vermi-wash and other botanical insecticides to ward off leaf-munching caterpillars and other sucking and chewing pests. Need-based application after monitoring the field for pest incidence will be rewarding. Spraying should be taken up at an interval of ten days, and it will also improve the fruit setting and fruit development. The plants will establish well and start yielding from the second year of planting. Though, the fruits can be had all round the year, some major flushes can be harvested in December-January and July-August seasons. A well nurtured grown-up tree can yield as high as 3000 fruits a year. The profit for the growers depends on the season and the prevailing market rate. With an average price of Rs. 0.35 a fruit, a farmer can realize about Rs. 2.5 lakhs from a hectare of a healthy and well-tended acid lime garden.

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  1. It can be inferred from the passage that
    I.The quality and size of fruits depend upon the longevity of the plants.
    II.The yield of grafts is less as compared to the trees developed from the seeds.
    III.There is not much of a difference between grafts and the trees developed from the seeds, except in life.
    1. Only III
    2. Only II
    3. I and II
    4. I, II and III
    Answer: Option A.
    Refer to the first six lines. The other options are wrong.
  2. For a good growth of acid-lime crop, all of the following are essential except
    1. water-logged tropical plains
    2. good irrigation with adequate drainage
    3. rich residues of organic nutrients
    4. That they would stop sending the children to school
    5. hill slopes with poor water resources
    Answer: Option A.
    Refer to the first three lines. Water logging is not required.
  3. The author of the passage could be
    1. an agricultural activist
    2. an agricultural expert
    3. a farmer
    4. an analyst
    Answer: Option B.
    Author has given considerable suggestions in the field of agriculture.
  4. According to the passage, the acid lime
    1. is the most prolific yielder among all fruits
    2. allows several annual crops like pulses to be grown throughout its lifetime.
    3. That he flew to the king's palace a week after he was born
    4. allows farmers to realise about 25 lakhs from a 10 hectare of healthy and well-tended acid lime garden
    5. none of the above
    Answer: Option C.
    The lime though a prolific yielder is not the most prolific among all fruits but among citrus only. The passage gives information about the crops grown in the initial years but not during the lifetime of the acid lime . Extrapolating that one hectare realises 2.5 lakhs, 10 hectares would realise 25 lakhs.
  5. All of the following insecticides can be sprayed on acid-lime crop EXCEPT
    1. cow’s urine
    2. powered neem
    3. To help the women of Suvarnanagari in their daily chores
    4. vermin-wash
    5. Manure
    Answer: Option D.
    Manure would not be sprayed it would be sprinkled or applied as mentioned in the passage.
    DIRECTIONS for the question 6 to 7: Each of these questions has a statement followed by two assumptions I and II. Consider the statement and the following assumptions. Decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Mark answer as
    1. if neither assumption I nor II is implicit
    2. if only assumption II is implicit
    3. if only assumption I is implicit
    4. if both assumptions I and II are implicit
  6. Statement : Incentives must be given to strengthen the motivation of employees.
    Assumptions :
    I. Incentives are expected to motivate employees.
    II. Employees at present are not motivated.
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    Answer: Option C.
    Option B is not implicit as it is possible that they are motivated but the level of motivation has to be increased further to improve the sales.
  7. Statement: Despite heavy rains traffic has not been disturbed.
    I. Rains do not affect traffic movement.
    II. Adequate precautions were taken for traffic management during rainy season.
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    Answer: Option B.
    Adequate measures by traffic management were taken and hence the heavy rains did not disturb the traffic. Rains can affect traffic movement.
    DIRECTIONS for the question 8 and 9: In each of these questions, choose the option which can be substituted for the given words.
  8. A large-scale departure of people from a territory
    1. exodus
    2. immigration
    3. migration
    4. aberration
    Answer: Option A
    Exodus means many people leaving the place at the same time due to war, etc.
  9. A speech made by someone for the first time
    1. maiden
    2. extempore
    3. spontaneous
    4. sermon
    Answer: Option A.
    Maiden is the first speech made by someone and extempore is on the spot speaking.
  10. Which of the following words best expresses the meaning of 'CRUCIAL'
    1. Savvy
    2. Important
    3. Excellent
    4. Usual
    Answer: Option B.
    The word crucial means important.
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