Technical Questions asked in L&T Infotech

  1. Reference is__________
    1. alias of an object
    2. used to rename an object
    3. a special operator
    4. a pointer to virtual function

    Answer:  Option A.
  2. If the two networks having different protocols then the device used to communicate between these systems is
    1. Bridge
    2. Repeater
    3. Hub
    4. Gateway

    Answer: Option  D.
  3. Merge sort algorithm uses___________________technique
    1. Brute force
    2. Dynamic programming
    3. Greedy
    4. Divide and conquer

    Answer: Option  D.
  4. What is the asymptotic worst case complexity of the given pseudo code
    for(i=0;i {
    for(j=0;j {
    for(k=0;k {
    1. O(n)
    2. O(1)
    3. O(n^2
    4. O(n^3)

    Answer: Option  D.
  5. The least frequently used (LFU) page replacement algorithm requires_________
    1. the page with the smallest count to be replaced.
    2. the page with the longest count to be replaced.
    3. the page with the smallest count was brought in, yet to be used.
    4. the page with the longest count was brought in, yet to be used.

    Answer: Option  A.
  6. Choose the valid statement
    1. All variables are initialized to 0 after declaration
    2. Only local and static variables have junk values
    3. Static and global variables are automatically initialized to zero at the time of declaration
    4. All automatic variables are initialized to zero

    Answer: Option C
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