Technical Questions asked in Hughes Systique

  1. Which of the following protocol uses a 'ping' command?
    1. SMTP
    2. ICMP
    3. FTP
    4. IGMP

    Answer: Option B.
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  1. Which of the following algorithms has minimum waiting time?
    1. Round Robin
    2. SJF
    3. FCFS
    4. Priority Scheduling

    Answer: Option B.
  2. In a formal language theory, context free grammer is accepted by :
    1. Pushdown automata
    2. Finite automata
    3. Two way bounded automata
    4. Both a and c

    Answer: Option A.
  3. Which of the following technology is used in CSMA/CD protocol?
    1. Token Ring
    2. FDDI
    3. Ethernet
    4. None

    Answer: Option C.
  4. Predict the output of the following program: #include <iostream.h> Class Red { int x; } int main() { Red r; cout <<<r.x; return 0; }
    1. Run time Error
    2. 0
    3. Compiler Error
    4. Garbage Value

    Answer: Option C.
    As x is a private member of Class Red so it cannot be accessed outside the class. It shows a compiler error.
  5. Which of the following is a token ring?
    1. IEEE 802.11
    2. IEEE 802.1
    3. IEEE 802.5
    4. None of these

    Answer: Option C.
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