Hexaware Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 2 : Choose the most appropriate option.
  1. Which word describes something different from the others?
    1. GAIN
    3. HARM
    4. PROFIT

    Answer : Option C.
    Harm is the odd word here
  2. Which word is closest in meaning to the word FRANTIC?
    2. SANE
    3. FOOLISH

    Answer : Option A.
    Frenetic and frantic are synonyms.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 3 to 4 : Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word/phrase or word pair.
  1. Iago fell prey to his own__________.
    1. Nuances
    2. Machinations
    3. Nadir
    4. Annul

    Answer : Option B.
    Machinations signify conspiracy or secret schemes. It is therefore, the most appropriate option.
  2. Not attending to _______ can undo much hard work man instant.
    1. Plenitude
    2. Beatitude
    3. Beatific
    4. Minutiae

    Answer : Option D.
    Minutiae denotes small details about something and thus, is the most applicable option.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 5 to 8 : Read the given passage and answer the questions. In Sheela Barse v. Union of India, the Supreme Court of India, had issued various directions in regard to the physically and mentally retarded children as also abandoned or destitute children who are lodged in various jails in the country for 'safe custody'. The Court further held:
    So far as concerns pending cases relating to offences punishable with imprisonment of not more than 7 years, it is directed that every State Government shall complete the investigation within a period of 3 months from today if the investigation has not already resulted in filing of charge-sheet and if a charge-sheet has been filed, the trial shall be completed within a period of 6 months from today and if it is not, the prosecution shall be quashed.
    The State Governments must set up necessary remand homes and observation homes where children accused of an offence can be lodged pending investigation and trial. On no account should the children be kept in jail and if a State government has not got sufficient accommodation in its remand homes or observation homes, the children should be released on bail instead of being subjected to incarceration in jail.
    Instead of each State having its own Children's Act different in procedure and content from the Children's Act in other States, the Central Government should initiate Parliamentary Legislation on the subject, so that there is complete uniformity in regard to the various provisions relating to children in the entire territory of the country. The Children's Act which may be enacted by Parliament should contain not only provisions for investigation and trial of offences against children below the age of 16 years but should also contain mandatory provisions for ensuring social, economic and psychological rehabilitation of the children who are either accused of offences or are abandoned or destitute or lost.
  3. What is the most important issue before the Court?
    1. Unreasonable delay in trial processes, where child is accused, in r/o all kinds of offences
    2. Delay in trial processes, which is unreasonable, in respect of specific kind of offences
    3. Delay in trial processes, where child is accused, in respect of specific kind of offences
    4. Unreasonable delay in trial processes, where child is accused, in respect of specific kind of offences

    Answer : Option D.
    In the given context, option 4 is the most applicable.
  4. Can we say that there is lack of conformity in various State laws?
    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but only if such inference is drawn in context to juvenile laws.
    3. No
    4. Inference can-not be drawn on the basis of given facts

    Answer : Option D.
    The passage does not include conclusive details on the matter. Thus, the answer is option D.
  5. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. The Court presumes that the State has infrastructure available to speed-up the trial.
    2. The Court presumes that since State is responsible for causing delay in trial process, it should be held liable to speed up the trial process.
    3. The Court means to say that irrespective of who is responsible for causing delay in trial process, the State should be made duty bound to speed up the trial process.
    4. The Court presumes that the process can be speeded up with the existing infrastructure available with the State agencies.

    Answer : Option C.
    It has been mentioned that the court wants the states to speed up the trial process. The answer in the context is 3.
  6. Find out synonym of 'abrogate' from the above stanzas.
    1. Quashed
    2. Destitute
    3. Enacted
    4. Uniformity

    Answer : Option A.
    Abrogate means to cancel, and the word quashed has the same meaning. The words therefore are synonymous.
  7. Choose a word or words which mean Philanthropy
    1. Flirting
    2. Love for mankind
    3. Stamps collecting
    4. Study of languages

    Answer : Option B.
    Philanthropy means love for mankind.
  8. Myriad issues means ________
    1. Rebellious issues
    2. Vast number of issues
    3. Changing issues
    4. Traditional issues

    Answer : Option B.
    Myriad issues means a vast number of issues.
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