Technical Questions asked in Godrej

  1. The velocity of a fluid particle at the centre of the pipe section is
    1. Maximum
    2. Minimum
    3. Average
    4. r.m.s
    Answer:  Option A.
  2. Strain is
    1. The change in metals
    2. The change in shape and direction in metals
    3. The result of load application on a body.
    4. The change of form produced in a piece by the cation of load
    Answer: Option  D.

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  1. The vapor pressure of water at 300C in Pascal is
    1. 0.44
    2. 7.18
    3. 223
    4. 4315
    Answer: Option  D.
  2. Which rays have the least wavelength?
    1. Infrared
    2. Ultraviolet
    3. Radio
    4. Cosmic rays
    Answer: Option  D.
  3. A barn is
    1. A unit of area
    2. A unit of length
    3. A unit of time
    4. A unit of mass
    Answer:  Option  A.
  4. LPG Stands for
    1. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
    2. Low Pressure gas
    3. Light Pressure Gas
    4. Lubricated Petroleum Gas
    Answer: Option  A.

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