EXL Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for questions 1-3: Read the following passage carefully and choose the best option from the choices given.
The attraction of gold is as old as history. Since ancient times, gold has been the object of dreams and obsessions. Western literature is full of characters who kill for gold or hoard it, from King Midas in the ancient Greek myths, to Fagin in Dickens' Oliver Twist. These characters go to evil extremes to get or keep their gold and they get the punishment they deserve. Most people would not be willing to go to such extremes, of course, but they would not question the assumption that gold has lasting value above and beyond any local currency. Societies change over time, customs and currencies evolve, but gold remains. A wedding ring, for example, must be gold, and so should any serious gift of jeweler. In fact, giving and wearing gold is still a mark of prestige in our postindustrial society.
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  1. This passage is obviously incomplete. Which of the following endings best fits the logic of the paragraph?
    1. thought gold is no longer valued as it used to be.
    2. even if most people prefer to wear silver.
    3. whereas in the past, gold was not so valuable
    4. just as it has been for thousands of years
    Answer:  Option D.
    The last line reinforces the importance of gold in life thus, option 4 is the answer.
  2. Of the various historical markers in the passage which is the second oldest
    1. King Midas
    2. Fagin
    3. Postindustrial society
    4. the question is invalid because all of these refer to the same historical period
    Answer: Option  B.
    Option B is the correct answer in the given context
  3. What does "prestige", a word that occurs in the last sentence also mean
    1. Kudos
    2. Heracles
    3. Mercurial
    4. Reverie
    Answer: Option  B.
    Heracles denotes glorious gift, the answer therefore, is option B
    DIRECTIONS for questions 4 to 5:  Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.
  4. His attempt to _______ his guilt was betrayed by the tremor of his hand as he picked up the paper
    1. extenuate
    2. determine
    3. conceal
    4. intensify
    Answer: Option  C.
    Conceal is the correct answer which means to hide which is clear from "betrayed by the tremour of his hand"
  5. In large cities, the number of family-owned grocery stores has fallen so sharply that the opportunity to shop in such a place is _____ occasion.
    1. a celebrated
    2. an old
    3. a fanciful
    4. a rare
    Answer:  Option  D.
    The number of family-owned grocery stores has fallen there is a rare chance that people shop there
    DIRECTIONS for questions 6 to 7:  Part, or all, of each sentence is underlined. Following the sentence, four versions of the underlined portion are presented. Choice (I) repeats the original; the other choices are different If you think a better sentence can be found in Choices (2), (3), (4), then choose one of them. If the sentence is correct as stated, your answer will be Choice (I).
  6. Tanya barely took 15 minutes to finish her essay, a fact that amazed her friends and worried her not at all.
    1. Tanya barely took 15 minutes to finish her essay,
    2. Only 15 minutes did it take Tanya to barely finish her essay,
    3. Tanya barely took 15 minutes to finish her essay;
    4. Tanya took barely 15 minutes to finish her essay,
    Answer: Option  A.
    In accordance with the sentence, option A is the most relevant
  7. Unfamiliar with New York, Mohsin checked carefully the map before boarding the A train.
    1. Mohsin checked carefully the map before boarding
    2. Mohsin carefully checked the map before boarding
    3. Mohsin checking carefully the map before boarding
    4. Mohsin, before boarding, carefully checked
    Answer: Option  A.
    Since carefully is an adverb of manner, it will come after the verb. The answer thus, is option A.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 8 to 10:  Every sentence below contains either one error or no error. None of the sentences contains more than one error. If the sentence contains an error, it will be in one of the underlined parts of the sentence. You should find the part of the sentence that needs to be changed to make the sentence correct. If you think the sentence is correct as written, select Choice (4), no error.
  8. Far from(1) being a liberal fanatic, Devansh actually espouses very conservative views(2) on social and economic(3) issues. No error(4)
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    Answer: Option D
    This sentence is correct.
  9. The debate team, which(1) included Shikha and I(2), was stuck on the bus for more than two(3) hours. No error(4)
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    Answer: Option  B.
    Shikha and I should be replaced with Shikha and me. The answer hence, is option B.
  10. By the time he reached the island, Danish had already swam(1) further than anyone(2) else ever had(3). No error(4)
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    Answer: Option A.
    Swam should be substituted with swum
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