All About DE-Shaw

DE Shaw & Co., founded in 1988 by David E. Shaw and based in New York City, US is a global investment management firm. The founder, D.E. Shaw served as a chairman and chief executive officer (C.E.O) of D.E. Shaw &Co., Inc. The company has made investments in many areas like technology, real estate, wind power and financial services firms. The firm has its offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo & Shanghai. The firm becomes a worldwide investment and technology development firm with more than $38 millions in an investment capital as of July 1, 2016.

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Head Quarters:
  •  New York, US
Key People:
  • Founder — David E. Shaw
  • The entire logo is used to convey the meaning intended i.e. the name of the company D.E. Shaw
Net Revenue:
  • US$ 500 Million +
Total Number of Employees
  •   1300+ employees
 Official Website:
  •  In 2015, D.E. Shaw, managing director debuts at number 20 on Tech 50 ranking according to Institutional Investor - Racers to the Edge.
  •  In 2015, DE Shaw launches an independently operated company to provide sophisticated software and services to handle asset managers post trade activities.
  • In 2011, the DE Shaw group was awarded with Advisory Mandate by Vanguard.
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