Technical Questions asked in Cairn

  1. 'this' pointer is _____________________ .
    1. Pointer to the current object created in all static and non-static methods
    2. Pointer to the current object created for the current class
    3. Both A and B
    4. Pointer to the current object created in all non-static methods
    Answer: Option D

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  1. Which is better computing time (in analysis of algorithm)?
    1. O(N)
    2. O(2N)
    3. O(log2 N)
    4. O(N log2 N)
    Answer: Option C
  2. The basic data type char(n) is a _____ length character string and varchar (n) is _____ length character.
    1. Fixed, equal
    2. Equal, variable
    3. Fixed, variable
    4. Variable, equal
    Answer: Option C
  3. You have an interface on a router with the IP address of What is the broadcast address the hosts will use on this LAN?
    Answer: Option A
  4. Which of the following is the syntax for views where v is view name?
    1. Create view v as “query name”;
    2. Create “query expression” as view;
    3. Create view v as “query expression”;
    4. Create view “query expression”;
    Answer: Option C
  1. A data type is stored as a 6 bit signed integer. Which of the following cannot be represented by this data type?
    1. -12
    2. 0
    3. 32
    4. 18
    Answer: Option C

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