Aricent Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 5: Read the given passage and answer the questions.
This continuous effort to suppress one's feelings and behave in public is a bit of a strain, and the usual result is that one puts on a glum and solid look on public occasions. Perhaps because of this I was once described in an article in a Hindu magazine as resembling a Hindu widow! I must say that, much as I admire Hindu widows of the old type, this gave me a shock. The author evidently meant to praise me for some qualities he thought I possessed - a spirit of gentle resignation and renunciation and a smileless devotion to work. I had hoped that I possessed - and, indeed, I wish that Hindu widows would possess - more active and aggressive qualities and the capacity for humour and laughter. Gandhiji once told an interviewer that if he had not had the gift of humour he might have committed suicide, or something to this effect. I would not presume to go so far, but life certainly would have been almost intolerable for me but for the humour and light touches that some people gave to it. My very popularity and the brave addresses that came my way, full (as is, indeed, the custom of all such addresses in India) of choice and flowery language and extravagant conceits, became subjects for raillery in the circle of my family and intimate friends. The high-sounding and pompous words and titles that were often used for all those prominent in the national movement were picked out by my wife and sisters and others and bandied about irreverently. Jawahrarlal Nehru (Pg. 207)
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  1. Choose the right word or words which mean Conceit
    1. Imagined
    2. Admit to be true
    3. Too much pride in oneself
    4. None of the above
    Answer: Option C
    The word means too much pride.
  2. 'Raillery in the circle of my family' would mean _______.
    1. Railway talk
    2. Good-humoured teasing
    3. Angry reproaches
    4. Simple meaningless talk
    Answer: Option B
    The word raillery means good-humoured teasing
  3. Choose the right word or words to describe GLUM
    1. Glamorous
    2. Glad
    3. Gloomy
    4. Great
    Answer: Option C
    Glum means gloomy and thus, option 3 is the answer
  4. What did Nehruji wish the Hindu widows would possess?
    1. The quality of commanding respect from others
    2. The quality of enjoying laughter, and becoming more active and aggressive
    3. The quality of not giving respect to others
    4. The quality of talking loudly
    Answer: Option B
    It has been mentioned in the passage that Nehruji wanted widows to have the aggressive qualities of humour and laughter. The answer thus, is option 2.
  1. What did Gandhiji express to the interviewer?
    1. That since he possessed an ability of being amused he survived
    2. That since he possessed a determinative set of mind he survived
    3. That he could survive under any pressure
    4. That he was not scared of worries
    Answer: Option A
    It has been clearly stated that Gandhiji believed that his ability to be amused kept him alive. The answer hence, is option A
DIRECTIONS for questions 6 to 8: Select the pair of words, which exhibits the same relationship between each other as the given capitalized pair of words.
    1. Skill : Mistake
    2. Training : Economy
    3. Losses: Carelessness
    4. News: Publication
    Answer: Option C
    Since errors could be caused by inexperience, may be losses could be caused by carelessness
    1. Biology : Animals
    2. Hydrology : Water
    3. Body : Physiology
    4. Entomology : Plants
    Answer: Option C
    Neurology is a study of brain, physiology is a study of human body..
    1. Dog : Growl
    2. Sparrow : Peck
    3. Snake : Creep
    4. Camel : Desert
    Answer: Option A
    The relationship is appropriately highlighted by option A.
DIRECTIONS for questions 9 to 10: Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word in red in the sentence.
  1. Lokesh does unpaid work for the charity school.
    1. honourable
    2. honorary
    3. honest
    4. Honorific
    Answer: Option B
    Honorary is unpaid work.
  2. Ritu asked Rashmi not to meddle in her affairs.
    1. intercede
    2. impose
    3. cross
    4. Interfere
    Answer: Option D
    Interfere is meddling
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