Technical Questions asked in Wipro

  1. What is significance of round robin scheduling?
    1. To faster the process but has less accuracy
    2. To slower the process but more accuracy
    3. To allocate fixed amount of time
    4. None of the above
    Answer: Option C
    round robin scheduling program in c is the simplest and fastest used for scheduling the processes
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  1. Which of the following the worst case in linear search algorithm?
    1. Item is somewhere in the middle of the array
    2. Item is not in the array at all
    3. Item is the last element in the array
    4. Item is the last element in the array or item is not there at all
    Answer: Option D
    In this case it will take long time to search and a lot of time will be wasted.
  2. Which of the following is not fundamental process involved for loader?
    1. Allocation
    2. Linking
    3. Compiling
    4. Reallocation
    Answer: Option C
    All the other three processes are the work done under loader.
  1. Which of the following are the two main dealings for the efficiency of an algorithm?
    1. Processor and memory
    2. Complexity and capacity
    3. Time and space
    4. Data and space
    Answer: Option C
    Time and space defines the efficiency of an algorithm.
  2. A shift register can be used for
    1. Parallel to serial conversion
    2. Serial to parallel conversion
    3. Digital delay line
    4. All the above
    Answer: Option D
    A shift register has all the above usage.
  3. A feasibility document should contain all of the following except
    1. Project name
    2. Problem descriptions
    3. Feasible alternative
    4. Data flow diagrams
    Answer: Option D
    Data flow diagrams are optional in document.
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