Careers in Wipro

Wipro'is a leading global IT service provider, headquartered in Bangalore, India. Wipro provides services for IT consulting and business process outsourcing. The company also provides deep technology expertise and a vertically aligned business model. Wipro harnesses the power of cognitive computing, cloud, analytics, robotics, hyper-automation, and emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.
Wipro is globally recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship. Wipro consists of over 160,000 dedicated employees serving clients in nearly 175+ cities across six continents. Wipro"s possesses 55+ dedicated emerging technologies "Centers of Excellence" which enables them to harness the latest technology for delivering business capability to clients. Wipro also champions optimised utilization of natural resources, capital and talent.
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Why Wipro?
  • While working with Wipro you can accomplish big things
  • At Wipro you will deal with Innovative work & meaningful career paths
  •  Working with Wipro creates an opportunity for you to work as a team with intelligent and dynamic personalities to get creative and deliver results. You will learn from each other and have fun in the process.
  • You will get an opportunity to work with the latest and cutting-edge technology that leads to great ideas.
  • Wipro provides the opportunities, challenges and support to live the future of your work now.
  • Wipro offers a diverse work environment and is an equal opportunity employer.
  • At Wipro, you will get opportunities to deliver critical application development and maintenance services
  • Life at Wipro is dynamic and fun, a place where people love to work.
  • Wipro provides you a career with freedom, full of learning and development opportunities and the support to help you achieve your best.
  • Wipro provides an opportunity to work in various diverse areas such as Business Processes, Consulting, Corporate, Delivery management, Digital, IT Infrastructure, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Engineering etc.
  • Everyone in Wipro works together to cater the best possible for clients.
  • Wipro provides respect for each other"s individuality which further adds value to the team work.
  • Career in Wipro creates an opportunity for you to work in highly diversified culture
  • A career at Wipro is rewarding and constantly transforming
  • Wipro encourages free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, and wellbeing in the workplace for everyone.
  • Wipro strives to make sure that their employees achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance.
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