Technical Questions asked in Ittiam

  1. The IP address belongs to
    1. Class A
    2. Class C
    3. Class D
    4. Class E
    Answer: Option A
  1. Name the layer where encryption of the information is done.
    1. Data Link Layer
    2. Transport Layer
    3. Presentation Layer
    4. Application Layer
    Answer: Option C.
  2. int main(int argc,char ** argv)
    void fnstat( ); for(i=0 ; i< 4 ; i++) fnstat( ); return 0;
    void fnstat( )
    static int ia=0; printf("%d",ia); ia++;
    What is the output of the following code?
    1. 0000
    2. 0123
    3. 0246
    4. 0243
    Answer: Option B.
  3. The average case complexity for inserting an element into an array of size n, represented in terms of number of copies is
    1. O(n^2)
    2. O(log n)
    3. O(n)
    4. 1
    Answer: Option C
  4. preemption in deadlock condition refers to___________________________ .
    1. The resource(s) can be released voluntarily only after the process has completed its task.
    2. The process must be holding at least one resource and waiting to acquire additional resources.
    3. The resources should be forcibly released after a fixed time quanta
    4. Both A and B
    1. Throughput is_______________________and Turnaround time is_____________
      1. Processes executed/unit time and the interval between ready and running state of a process
      2. Processes appearing/unit time and the interval between running and waiting state
      3. Processes executed/unit time and the interval between submission and completion of a process
      4. Processes appearing/unit time the interval between submission and waiting state of a process
      Answer: Option C.
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