Bechtel Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 2: Each of the following sentences has been split into four parts. You have to study each of them carefully and point out the part, which is erroneous according to the requirements of Standard Written English. Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.
  1. He had scarcely gone than his father came back from his office with a bunch of papers.
    1. He had
    2. gone than
    3. came back
    4. a bunch of
    Answer: Option B
    The error lies in the second part of the sentence. The right pair is “scarcely.....when
  2. A large bungalow and a sizeable bank balance are his aim in life and he is quite determined in this regard.
    1. a sizeable
    2. are his aim in life
    3. is quite determined
    4. in this regard
    Answer: Option B
    Aims in life are correct, as we are talking of two things. So option B is incorrect
DIRECTIONS for questions 3 to 4: Fill in the blank with the most suitable option.
  1. She is the most ________ persons I have ever met, seemingly with an endless reserve of energy.
    1. jejune
    2. vivacious
    3. solicitous
    4. impudent
    Answer: Option B
    The clue words used in the sentence are "endless reserve of energy" …so such a person would be lively, which is the meaning of "vivacious". Therefore answer is B.
  2. Alice Walker's ‘The Temple of My Familiar’, far from being a tight, ________ narrative, is instead ________ novel that.roams freely and imaginatively over a half-million years.
    1. traditional, a chronological
    2. provocative, an insensitive
    3. forceful, a concise
    4. focused, an expansive
    Answer: Option D
    The novel "roams freely and imaginatively", hence you can eliminate options A and C.
    Options B doesn't make a meaningful phrase in this context of "roaming freely", hence eliminated
Directions for question 5 to 8: Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct?
  1. It is become equally clear that campaign against smoking will have little success until people realize its importance.
    1. has become equal and clear
    2. has become equally clear
    3. has become clearly equal
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option B
    Instead of the word is, it should be has
  1. Once the event is over, many people claimed credit for success but disown the responsibility for failure
    1. claim credit of success
    2. claim credit for success
    3. claiming credit for success
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option A
    The correct answer as per tenses is option A
  2. In any serious investigation, all points of suspicions should check properly.
    1. must check properly
    2. should be checked properly
    3. should properly check
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option B
    It has to be checked properly
  3. The circumstances in which succumbed below pressure, are not known.
    1. was succumbed below pressure
    2. was succumbing below force
    3. succumbed to pressure
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option D
    No correction required
Direction for question 9 to 10: Find the erroneous parts
  1. My father is (a) / in bad mood (b) I today, (c) /No error(d)My father is
    Answer: Option B
    The correct use of modals is in option B
  2. Man needs (a) / security and leisure (b) /of free thinking, (c) /No error (d)
    Answer: Option C
    The correct preposition here will be to and not before.
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