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Course Details

Data structure is the bedrock of programming in computer science. It is a way of storing and organizing data in the computer memory. Most of the recruiters grill candidates on the concepts of data structures in the recruitment process. So it is really important that you have a clear understanding of the what, how and why of this topic!

This course will cover questions based on data structures like arrays, pointers, stacks, graphs. The topics of searching and sorting will also be covered here. So take this course and become a pro at answering all kinds of data structure questions!

What you will learn

  • Basics of data structures
  • Types of data structures- arrays, trees and graphs
  • All about linked lists and queues
  • Questions on matrix & hashing

Curriculum for this course

Online Tests

  • Coding Test 01 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 02 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 03 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 04 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 05 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 06 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 07 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 08 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 09 - Data Structure
  • Coding Test 10 - Data Structure

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Data Structures