How it Works

Course Details

In order to understand the fundamentals, you must go back to the basics and work your way up in a systematic and organised manner. This engineering module is designed to do just that. It will help you better grasp essential concepts, theories and questions that could be asked of you during campus placements.

Our Computer science/IT, and Electrical Engg modules will cover a number of vital topics that will cover everything that you need to know at your fingertips. All this knowledge will only help you if you are to do well in any campus placement round. So, go beyond rudimentary knowledge and surpass others expectations to land the job of your dreams today.

What you will learn

  • Everything essential to do with Computer Science/IT, Electrical Engg. and Mechanical Engg.
  • Numerous primary and advanced technical topics
  • Ways to reinforce and remember complicated concepts, theories and definitions
  • Beneficial pointers to help you solve multiple questions quickly and accurately
  • Understanding your limitations and working towards changing your weakness into a strength

Tech Prep. for IT Companies