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Databases are the storehouses of data without which none of the applications can survive. A Structured Database Management Systems is a must to make databases operate at the optimal levels. That is why top recruiters make a point to never miss questions from this topic when interviewing candidates. So if you want to bag your dream job then aim to be conceptually strong in this DBMS.

This chapter is designed to teach you, in a logical manner, the concepts of DBMS like database model, architecture, serializable, normalisation and E-R diagrams. So start learning now and master this DBMS with this chapter today!

What you will learn

  • A general overview of DBMS.
  • Advanced topics of SQL like clauses, joins, keywords and alias.
  • Normalization to avoid data redundancy.
  • Essential concepts and types of commands that you must know.

Curriculum for this course


  • Introduction to DBMS
Basics of Database
  • Schema Refinement in DBMS
  • Decomposition in DBMS
  • Schema Refinement : Dependency
  • Normalisation - 01(1NF,2NF)
  • Normalisation - 02 (3NF, BCNF)
  • Canonical Cover
Transaction and Concurrency control
  • Classification of Schedules – Part 1
  • Classification of Schedules – Part 2
  • View Serializable
  • Transaction & Concurrency
  • Binary & Exclusive Locking
  • Time stamping Ordering Protocols
  • Basics of indexing and types of indexing
ER Diagrams
  • Database: ER Model
Structured Query Language
  • Structured Query Language – Part 1
  • Structured Query Language – Part 2

Online Tests

  • Evaluation Test 01 –Database Management System
  • Evaluation Test 02 –Database Management System
  • Evaluation Test 03 –Database Management System
  • Evaluation Test 04 –Database Management System
  • Evaluation Test 05 –Database Management System

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