Technical Questions asked in StMicroelectronics

  1. Under which of the following Big O notation it is suggested to review design of algorithm?
    1. O(nlogn)
    2. O(n2)
    3. O(n)
    4. O(2n)

    Answer : Option D.
  2. Merge sort algorithm uses _________ technique.
    1. Brute force
    2. Divide and conquer
    3. Greedy
    4. Dynamic programming

    Answer : Option B.
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  1. Create index customerID_index on customer(ID);
    Here which one denotes the relation for which index is created?
    1. CustomerID_index
    2. ID
    3. CustomerID
    4. customer

    Answer : Option D.
  2. An analog electronic circuit that measures rms value of the inpit voltage by averaging the square of the instantaneous voltage level, responds slowly to changes in the input signal due to
    1. The square function built into the circuit
    2. The square –root function into the circuit
    3. The averaging function built into the circuit
    4. None of the above

    Answer : Option C.
    Because of averaging function built in into the circuit.
  3. The Q-meter works on the principle of
    1. Mutual inductance
    2. Self inductance
    3. Series resonance
    4. Parallel resonance

    Answer : Option C.
  4. A negative sequence relay is commonly used to protect
    1. An alternator
    2. A transformer
    3. A transmission line
    4. A bus bar

    Answer : Option A.
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