Punj Lloyd Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for question 1-5: Read the given passage and answer the questions.
How do women's groups perceive, and why do they persist in struggling for, legal reforms? Upendra Baxi, a noted professor and jurist, sees a constant transition between four sets of attitudes in women's groups. The 'nihilists'... suspect all law talk is a ruse to divert and deflect, and to depoliticize the nature and agenda of the struggle for women's emancipation. 'Evangelists' show, in deep contrast, an abiding, commitment to the rule of law... The 'moderates' appreciate the potential role of law but believe that legal changes in themselves are not likely to usher significant social changes... The 'eclectics' will use it (law) without thinking much about the significance of the use of the law for social thought and action. Regretting these shifts in positions, he goes on to conclude that, "The legal order remains a big puzzle for those committed to struggle for the emancipation of women."
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  1. Choose the right word or words which mean 'Emancipation'.
    1. Escapade
    2. Liberation
    3. Deprivation
    4. Getting rid of
    Answer: Option B.
    Emancipation means liberation.
  2. Choose the right word or words which mean 'Ruse'.
    1. Rude
    2. Make up applied on cheek
    3. A trick
    4. None of the above
    Answer:  Option C.
    Ruse means a trick.
  3. Which is the women's group which believes in following rule of law?
    1. Nihilist
    2. Moderates
    3. Evangelists
    4. Eclectics
    Answer: Option C.
    Evangelists follow the government rule.
  4. The group of women who think that law is a trick to make women forget their struggle for liberation is?
    1. Nihilists
    2. Evangelists
    3. Eclectics
    4. Moderates
    Answer: Option A.
    The author states that Nihilists think that law is a trick to make women forget their struggle for liberation.
  5. The group that believes that legal changes alone cannot bring about social changes is?
    1. Nihilists
    2. Evangelists
    3. Eclectics
    4. Moderates
    Answer: Option D.
    According to the passage, the correct answer is Moderates.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 6 to 8: Which of the phrases given against the sentence should replace the word/phrase given in quotes in the sentence to make it grammatically correct?
  6. Top managers are often stymied by the "difficult of managing" conflict.
    1. Difficult of managing
    2. Difficulties of managing
    3. Difficult for management
    4. Difficult of management
    5. None of these
    Answer: Option B.
    Option 2 is the best choice.
  7. Reaching collective decisions "based on" individual preferences is an imperfect science.
    1. Based for
    2. Based
    3. Basis in
    4. Based in
    5. No correction required
    Answer: Option E.
    This sentence is correct.
  8. Hollywood "bare escaped" being totally sidelined by the rise of television
    1. Bare Escapes
    2. Bare Escaping
    3. Barely Escapes
    4. Barely Escaped.
    5. No correction required
    Answer: Option D
    Option 4 corrects the sentence appropriately as 'escaped' is a verb so, we need an adverb, hence, 'barely'.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 9-10 :In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
    The prohibitive costs of treating the consequences of over-nutrition require that increased attention be given to preventive measures. Parallels exist between these requirements and the initiatives taken to control tobacco consumption, from which important (9) can be learnt, especially with respect to the use of international legal instruments. However, because some of the largest multinational companies are heavily involved in the creation and marketing of unhealthy foods, the control of these activities presents a (10) challenge.
    1. Tutorials
    2. Lessons
    3. Practice
    4. Point
    5. Habits
    Answer: Option B.
    Lessons is the most relevant option.
    1. Formidable
    2. Pretentious
    3. Alarming
    4. Enormous
    5. Solution
    Answer: Option A.
    Formidable is the most relevant option.
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