Mazars-LLP Sample Verbal Questions

One of the American Navy’s greatest losses during World War If was inflicted not by the Japanese, but by the weather. On the of 17 December 1944, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers of the Third Fleet Task Force 38 were replenishing stocks or food, fuel and ammunition during a sea rendezvous with support ships when a savage tornado struck the Philippine Sea. One of the commanders said later; 'My ship was riding as though caught in some giant washing machine. We were rolling between heaving cliffs of water, caught in so strong a vice of wind and sea that our 50,000 horse-power engines were helpless.' It was nine hours before he regained control of his ship, after the fleet had bobbed like helpless shuttlecocks, unable to prevent collisions in the sledge hammer waves.
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  1. The American Navy suffered great losses because of
    1. The aircraft raid
    2. The Japanese fleet
    3. The weather
    4. The landmines
    Answer: Option C.
    Refer to Read first line of the Passage.
  2. Find a word from the passage which means "refilling".
    1. Heaving
    2. Inflicting
    3. Retaliating
    4. Replenishing
    Answer: Option D.
    'replensReplenihing' means to replete or to supply material as per the second line of the passage.
  3. A sea rendezvous means
    1. a dive into the sea
    2. a swim in the sea
    3. a meeting at sea
    4. sailing in the sea
    Answer: Option D.
    The corCorrect usagee is 'meeting at the sea as the relevant lines say that' the ship was about to meet another ship to get the supplies when a savage tornado struck.
  4. Sledge hammer waves means
    1. waves moving like a sledge.
    2. waves like a big, heavy hammer.
    3. waves hammering a sledge
    4. waves in which a hammer and a sledge are found
    Answer: Option B.
    Sledge Sledge hammer means a big, heavy hammer. The author intends to state the huge force with which the waves hit the ship.
  5. The ships caught in the tornado
    1. are compared to shuttlecocks
    2. had a cargo of shuttlecocks
    3. scattered shuttlecocks in the sea
    4. traded in shuttlecocks
    Answer: Option A.
    Clearly mentioned in the last line of the passage that " fleet had bobbed like helpless shuttlecocks"
  6. Fill in the blank
    Rahul talks about being both a nihilist and an atheist during his life, yet he never _________ faith in God.
    1. affirms
    2. loses
    3. scorns
    4. avers
    Answer: Option B.
    Atheists may lose faith in God
    Correct the sentences 7-8
  7. People should be have their own mechanism to guard against the activities of unscrupulous elements.
    1. shall be have their own
    2. should be having its own
    3. should have their own
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option C.
    There is no need for - be
  8. The real wonder is that the artisans while constructing the Ajanta Caves possessed only the simplest hand tools.
    1. really wonder is that
    2. really wonderful is that
    3. real wonderful is that
    4. No correction required
    Answer: Option D.
    No correction required
    Direction for questions Q 9-Q 10 : Find the erroneous parts
    1. The road
    2. to famous monument
    3. passes through a forest
    4. No error
    Answer: Option B.
    The article is missing in front of the word - famous.
    1. Society comprises of five blocks and
    2. thirty flats in an
    3. area of about thousand sq. metres,
    4. No error
    Answer: Option C.
    In front of the word thousand , add the article - a.
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