Technical Questions asked in Mahindra & Mahindra

  1. Which motor cycle has maximum power rating?
    1. Jawa
    2. Rajdoot
    3. Yezdi
    4. Yamah
    Answer:  Option D.
  2. Which one of the following is not the trade name of tractor in India ?
    1. HMT
    2. Escort
    3. Ford
    4. Standard
    Answer: Option  D.

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  1. Connecting rods are generally of the following form
    1. Forged I section
    2. Forged round section
    3. Cast iron triangular section
    4. Cast iron square section
    Answer: Option  D.
  2. The starter motor is driven by
    1. chain drive
    2. Gear drive
    3. Flat belt drive
    4. P.I.V drive
    Answer: Option  B.
  3. Which vehicle is generally provided with four wheel drive
    1. Ambassador car
    2. standard wagon
    3. matador
    4. Jeep
    Answer: Option  D.
  4. Commonly used antifreeze solution in automobiles is
    1. Glycol
    2. Carbon disulphide
    3. ammonium chloride
    4. Freon 12
    Answer: Option A.

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