Technical Questions asked in Cognizant

IT companies essentially include a technical section as a part of their placement tests. The main focus of these tests is on checking the technical skills and subject knowledge of the candidates. Cognizant's written test places high emphasis on the technical part, with three sections based on coding and programming concepts. The best way to prepare for this part is to revise your subjects thoroughly and have a grasp of the fundamentals.
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After clearing the written test, the candidate is required to appear for the technical interview rounds. Given below are the areas from which Cognizant technical questions are asked:
Cognizant Technical Sections
  • Code Debugging: In this section, the questions are asked from Basic programming concepts, control structures, data structures, algorithms, etc. For instance, certain questions feature a code, from which the test-taker has to spot the error or missing parts.
  • Coding Round 1: Here, the candidate is required to code in Java or Python. Other languages like C, C++ may or may not be allowed.
  • Coding Round 2: This is similar to round 1, but with a high level of difficulty. Both the coding rounds have two questions each, but different time limits.
The syllabus and the pattern of the technical tests for companies usually varies as per the company domains and requirements.
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