Technical Questions asked in Axtria

  1. Sorting is not possible by using which of the following methods?
    1. Insertion
    2. Selection
    3. Exchange
    4. Deletion
    Answer: Option D
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  1. Which of the following is NOT of implementation of data structure ?
    1. View Level
    2. Abstract Level
    3. Implementation Level
    4. Application Level
    Answer: Option A
  2. What is the difference between union and structure?
    Answer: Structures allocate enough space to store all of the fields in the structure. The first one is stored at the beginning of the structure; the second is stored after that, and so on. Unions only allocate enough space to store the largest field listed, and all fields are stored at the same space i.e. all fields in a union share the same space, which can be used for any listed field but not more than one of them.
  3. Write a program to find factorial of a number.
    Answer:  int main()
    int x,i,fac;
    printf("input the number whose factorial has to be found");
    scanf("%d", &x);
    for(i=x; i>0,i--)
    fac= fac*i;
  4. What is backbone network?
    Answer: A backbone network is a centralized infrastructure that is designed to distribute different routes and data to various networks. It also handles management of bandwidth and various channels.
  1. What is point to point link?
    Answer: It refers to a direct connection between two computers on a network. A point to point connection does not need any other network devices other than connecting a cable to the NIC cards of both computers.
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