Technical Questions asked in Atos

  1. Which of the following is correct declaration for a pointer to a function that returns a float ?
    1. float f();
    2. float *f();
    3. float (*f) ();
    4. float* (*f)();
    Answer : Option C.
  1. Which of the following connect different computers by LAN?
    1. Cable and modem
    2. Cable and interface card
    3. Modem and interface card
    4. Special wires and telephone lines
    Answer : Option B.
  2. Which of the following is true about overloaded functions?
    1. They are a group of functions with the same name
    2. They all have the same number and types of arguments
    3. They may fail unexpectedly due to stress
    4. All of these
    Answer : Option A.
  3. What is the first element in a sting ?
    1. The name of the string
    2. The length of the string
    3. The address of the string
    4. The first character in the string
    Answer : Option A.
  4. What is the usually used unit of measuring the speed of data transmission ?
    1. Baud
    2. Bytes per second
    3. bits per second
    4. megabytes per second
    Answer : Option A.
  5. The symbol << :
    1. is called the insertion operation
    2. is called the output operator
    3. is called the extraction operator
    4. a and b both
    Answer : Option D.
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