Technical Questions asked in Aspire

  1. Which of the following is correct about root directory?
    1. It is the path where the system files are manipulated
    2. It is the path where the data files are stored
    3. The first level of directories on a disk
    4. All of these
    Answer: C
  1. Which of the following binary tree has the characteristics that the value at each node is at least as large as the values at its children?
    1. AVL tree
    2. heap
    3. binary search tree
    4. completely balanced tree
    Answer: B
  2. How do you eliminate the path?
    1. [C:\] path ;
    2. [C:\] path = null
    3. [C:\] path = 0
    4. [C:\] setpath = 0;
    Answer: A
  3. What is the full form of ISDN?
    1. Integrated Services Digital Network
    2. Integrated Services Data Network
    3. Integrated Standard Digital Network
    4. Integrated Standard Data Network
    Answer: A
  4. The prefix of (X+Y)*(C-D) is
    1. +- XY*CD
    2. *+-XYCD
    3. * +XY-CD
    4. *XY+CD
    Answer: C
  1. Which of the following network topology allows bi-directional links between each possible node?
    1. Star
    2. Ring
    3. Tree
    4. Mesh
    Answer: D
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