Test Pattern & Selection Procedure of Accenture

About Accenture
Accenture is the one of the world's largest IT firm that deals in worldwide management consulting, outsourcing and IT services. Headquarters of Accenture is in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The company came to India in 1987. Its first office in India was in Mumbai. It has now set up centers in Delhi and Chennai also. The company partners with clients and helps them to build high performance governments and businesses.
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Accenture Selection Process
In case of job recruitment, selection is the process to choose potential working persons for a company or organization. Accenture Recruitment process includes a selection stage when decisions are made as to the viability of a particular candidate's application. It directly affects the overall productivity of an organization. A right selection may increase the overall performance of a company & a wrong one may lead to material and financial loss. A perfect selection process can help to pick the most eligible candidates amongst all applicants. The Process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and various other related factors.
Accenture Test Pattern
For 2021 selection process, Accenture will be using CoCubes exam for hiring. Accenture does not use Wheebox and MeritTrac anymore. Accenture has changed its hiring pattern for the year 2021. The company will conduct four Rounds including an interview. Here it is as followed:
Exam Used: CoCubes
Accenture Test Rounds Time Allotted (In Minutes)
Cognitive and Technical Assessment 90
Coding Assessment 45
Communication 20
Total 155
Accenture Online Test Syllabus 2021
For On-Campus/Off-Campus hiring, Accenture will use CoCubes test and not MetriTrac.
Accenture Test Pattern 2020-2021 (CoCubes)
Accenture Test Pattern Sections Details Question Time Allotted (In Minutes)
Round 1 (Cognitive and Technical Assessment)
Cognitive Assessment
Technical Assessment
1. Numerical Ability
2. Logical Reasoning
3. English Ability
1. Pseudo Code
2. Common Applications & MS Office
3. Fundamentals of Networking
Round 2 (Coding Assessment) Pure Coding Round (No sectional division) 1. C
2. C++
3. Dot Net
4. Java
5. Python
2-3 45
Round 3 (Communication Assessment) No internal section. Candidate to be purely judged upon their communication skills 1. Sentence Mastery
2. Vocabulary
3. Fluency
4. Pronunciation
20 20
CoCubes Test Pattern
  • In the first round, candidates have to appear for the written test consisting 90 questions.
  • Time allotted for written exam is 90 minutes.
  • There is no sectional time limit in the first round.
  • In Cognitive Assessment, candidates will be tested based on their numerical, verbal, and logical ability.
  • In Numerical Ability, questions will be based on topics like Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Profit and Loss, Mensuration, Geometry, Series and Progression etc.
  • In Verbal Ability, question asked will be from Reading Comprehension, Article, Idioms and Phrases, Spotting Error, Sentence Arrangement and Grammar etc.
  • For Logical Reasoning, question will be based on topics like Coding-Decoding, Agree Disagree Psychometric, Logical Sequence, Seating Arrangement, Blood Relations, and Visual Reasoning etc.
  • In the Technical Assessment section, question will be asked from topics like Pseudo Code, MS Office and common Applications and Fundamentals of Networking.
  • In the Coding Round, candidates will be tested upon their coding skills in varied coding languages like C, C++, Java, and Python.
  • In the third round that is Communication Assessment, will be judged based on their communication skills following a few parameters that include Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Sentence Mastery.
Accenture Interview Process
Accenture Hiring process’s fourth round consists of HR Interview. Following are the details of this phase:
HR Interview
  • Final step to select a candidate as an employee is Interview as it helps to determine a candidate's personality. Questions can be of wide range starting from your introduction, Qualification, Experience, Industry specific experience, Courses done, your strengths and weaknesses, salary expectations, friends, family etc.
  • To check more availability of information, the applicants can visit https://www.accenture.com/in-en/careers/jobsearch.aspx and gather information.
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