All About Calsoft

Calsoft, founded in 1998 by co-founded by Sharmila Bhide, is a software product-engineering company. It is an award-winning corporation and assists its customers to increase revenues and margins, and enhance their brand value The Company mainly works in Storage Software Development, Cloud Computing, Networking Development Software, Software Testing and Container Ecosystem Services.
Head Quarters:
  • San Jose, California, USA
Key People:
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Dr. Anupam Bhide
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Co-Founder - Sharmila Bhide
Official Websites:
  • Calsoft's Connector Integrates IBM SCO with Partner’s NAS.
  • OS Independent Unified-Snapshot Solution Development.
  • Implemented HA product to protect Enterprise Applications.
  • Porting de-duplication SDK (on Linux) to Windows.
  • Monitor HA/DR capabilities for SMB/SME datacenter.
  • Development And Testing of Network Forensics Software.
  • Virtualization Lab (Web App) Software Development.
  • Development of Virtualization Infrastructure (VI) library.
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