Calsoft – Test Pattern

  1. Which of the following is a type of DBMS software?
    • Utilities
    • query Language
    • Report writer
    • All of these

  2. Which of the following information is not provided by data dictionary?
    • Data location
    • Size of the disk storage device
    • The owner of the data
    • Security limitations

  3. What command combines the content of one file with another?
    • ADD
    • CONCAT
    • APPEND
  4. What is the significance of & symbol?
    • Process the commands in order one after the other
    • Process these commands first
    • Process these commands last
    • The second command fails if the first command fails

  5. When is a copy constructor invoked?
    • A function returns by value
    • A function returns by reference
    • An argument is passed by reference
    • None of these

  6. Which of the following data structure is used to convert infix notations to postfix notations ?
    • Branch
    • Queue
    • Tree
    • Stack