Calsoft – Test Pattern

Calsoft Reasoning Ability

NOTE: This section is not present in this company's placement process. If you still want to practise, some questions are provided below.

    DIRECTIONS for the question 1-5:  Read the following information to answer the given questions.
    (i) A, B, C, D, E and F are the six members in a group. There are two pairs of couples in the group.
    (ii) There are Two Teachers, One Doctor, One Lawyer and Two Engineers. Both the Teachers are of the same sex.
    (iii) A and C are in the same profession.
    (iv) The Doctor is married to the Teacher. An Engineer is married to the Lady Lawyer.
    (v) A is an Engineer. E is a male Teacher. Both of them are unmarried.
    (vi) F is B's husband.

  1. Which of the following are the pairs of couples?
    • CD, FB
    • CB, DF
    • ED, CB
    • Data inadequate
  2. What is the profession of B?
    • Lawyer
    • Doctor
    • Teacher
    • Data inadequate
  3. How many male members are there in the group?
    • More than three
    • Two
    • Three
    • Data inadequate

  4. Who is the Lawyer?
    • C
    • F
    • Data inadequate
    • None of these
  5. Who is married to the Doctor?
    • B
    • D
    • F
    • None of these

    DIRECTIONS for the question 6-10:  Read the following information to answer the given questions.

  6. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word AGRICULTURE, each of which have as many letters between them in the word as in the alphabet?
    • Five
    • Six
    • Two
    • Three
    • No such pair

  7. In a certain code language SYMBOL is written as ZRCLMN. How will NUMBER be written in that code language?
    • MVLCDS
    • VMCLDS
    • VMCLSD
    • TOANQF
    • None of these
  8. In a certain code language "her nic fep" means "young and beautiful" and "fep mun deu" means "boy and ball". Which is the code for "young"?
    • nic
    • fep
    • her
    • Data inadequate
    • None of these
  9. From a point 'S' Roshan walked 30 metres to the north, then after turning to his right walked 30 meters. He again turned to his right and walked another 50 metres and finally turned to his right and walked 30 metres. In which direction and at what distance is he from the starting point 'S'?
    • 20 metres to the north
    • 40 metres to the south
    • 20 metres to the south
    • 30 metres to the south
    • None of these
  10. "School" is related to "Education" in the same way as "Court" is related to
    • Lawyer
    • Judge
    • Advocate
    • Justice
    • Magistrate