Types of written tests in Placement Process

As the first part of the Campus Placement Process, a number of companies conduct written tests in order to establish the knowledge level of candidates. These tests are used as a tool by companies to eliminate candidates that do not match the requirements of the company. As we have seen across numerous campuses in the country, the number of aspirants is generally far greater than the number of openings in various companies and this leads to companies using these tests as a method of eliminating students. Generally, companies conduct three kinds of tests: Aptitude Tests, Technical Tests and Psychometric tests. A company can conduct any combination of these tests including the option of conducting all these tests as a part of its selection criteria.
Aptitude Tests:
Aptitude Tests are designed to test a candidate on a specific set of skills. Most companies try to assess a candidate on analytical and decision -making skills. Vocabulary, reading & language skills are checked in the written test to measure your effectiveness in communication. Basic mathematical skills, with problems that focus on applying simple concepts in relatively complex situations, are tested in order to judge your analytical skills.
The main sections covered in Aptitude Tests are:
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
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Technical Tests:

Core companies conduct technical tests as a part of their selection procedure. These tests include technical questions on particular areas of the student's specialization such as electronics, mechanical, civil, finance (MBA), accounting, etc. These tests measure your technical skills and subject knowledge. Individuals with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of their subjects perform well on these tests.
This section includes:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Coding Questions(In Computer Engineering Domain)
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Psychometric Tests:

In recent times, an additional test type that has been introduced by some companies, particularly IT companies, is the Psychometric Test. This test type works as a filter & helps the human resource department of companies to select the most suitable candidates for their company. No preparation is required for this test. You are advised to be your natural self and answer all questions honestly. This is not an elimination test, so do not worry about passing or failing it. When you answer the questions honestly, the company is able to build your psychological profile and establish the work and profile that suits you best.

After successful completion of the first round of the recruitment process, that is the written stage, the next round consists of the 'Group Discussions and Personal Interviews'. Explore the links to know more about these areas.
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