GRE Test Pattern

A standardized test, GRE is an entrance examination for admissions to the graduate or management schools abroad. It is the test which is accepted by many graduate and business schools worldwide. Of the entire graduate-level admissions test, GRE allows you to skip questions and go back. You can also change the answers and control the questions you want to answer first.
GRE Test Pattern – General
GRE tests verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of a candidate. It gives an option of taking the test now and again in the future and sends your best scores to the B-Schools in a total time span of five years.  
The total duration of the Computer Adaptive GRE Test is 3 hours 45 minutes.
The pattern of the exam is as follows:
Testing Areas No. of Questions Topics Included Time Allotted
Analytical Writing 2 Essays Analysis of Issue, Analysis of argument 30 Minutes/ Task
Quantitative (2 Section) 20 Questions per Section Problem solving (multiple choice/numeric entry), Quantitative comparison 35 Minutes/Section
Verbal (2 Section) 20 Questions per Section Reading Comprehension, Sentence equivalence, Text completion 30 Minutes/Section
Unscored/Research Variable NIL Variable
Scaled score range for verbal & quantitative section is 130 to 170.
SCORE RANGE Verbal Excellent 166+
Very Good 160-166
Good 156-160
Average 151-156
Quant Excellent 163+
Very Good 159-163
Good 153-159
Essay Excellent 6.0
Very Good 5.5
Good 5.0
Average 4.5
Some important pointers to keep in mind in order to excel in your GRE preparation:
  • The computer-delivered GRE General Test can be taken up once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days).
  • The test content and structure covers three sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.
  • The Verbal Reasoning Section evaluates your ability to analyze and assess written material and incorporate information obtained from it, understand the structure of the text and meaning of the words and sentences.
  • The Quantitative Reasoning Section measures your skill and ability to solve mathematical problems, how you comprehend the quantitative information and apply the elementary concepts of arithmetic, algebra, data analysis and geometry.
  • The Analytical Writing checks your critical thinking and analytical writing skills, how well you can articulate and support complicated ideas clearly and effectively.
  • The GRE Score is made available immediately on completion of the test excluding the score of essays. These tests can be taken anytime during the year in any of the metros in India. These tests can be cancelled/retaken/rescheduled.
  • All the candidates have a wide choice of test centres which includes Ahmadabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Trivandrum.
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