Test Pattern and Selection Process of Facebook

About Facebook
Facebook, Inc. is an online American social media and network service company. It is considered one of the top four technology giants along with Google, Apple, and Amazon. Since its inception, Facebook has made many valuable acquisitions like Instagram and Whatsapp. In addition, the company independently developed Facebook Messenger, Facebook Portal and Facebook Watch. Today, Facebook is the biggest communication platform with 2 billion monthly users and over 7 million active advertisers.
Facebook Selection Process
Facebook follows a long procedure to select the right people for different roles. The overall process remains same for any technical role. The company values talent over background, which is why it can hire graduates of any college. Facebook recruits through campus placements as well as direct applications. In case of a direct application on the website, the applicant is contacted by one of the Facebook’s recruiters for a conversation. This is followed by one or two telephonic/video interviews and 3-4 onsite interviews.
In case of campus placements, the process mainly starts with an online round (written). Given below is the detailed information about various rounds of Facebook selection process:
Stages of Selection and Recruitment Process
  • Online Round (written)
  • Interview Rounds
Eligibility Criteria
  • Graduate in B.Tech (CS/IT) and similar streams
  • Minimum 6 CGPA in graduation.
Online Round
This is a written round of coding. Candidates are given 1-2 coding questions to be solved within the given time limit. The time limit varies from 30-75 minutes. The difficult level of test is generally moderate. After qualifying this round, the candidate is called for the interview rounds.
Tips for Online Round:
  • Brush up the basics of algorithms, data structures and complexity.
  • Get it a good grasp over the role-specific knowledge (Systems/Design/Android/Software Engineer, etc.).
  • Practice different types of coding questions (without a compiler).
  • Practice in a simple text editor as well as by hand.
  • Solve the questions within a time frame.
  • Pay close attention to the question and look up for hints, if any.
Interview Rounds
Usually, there are 4 rounds of interview. Some of the interviews may be held over phone or video calls. Each interview is of 45 minutes. Facebook conducts the following three types of interviews:
  • Coding Interview
  • Design Interview
  • Behavioral/ Cultural fit Interview
Coding Interview Round
In this interview, the first 5-10 minutes are devoted to general introduction, candidate’s background and overall knowledge. Then the candidate is asked to solve 1-2 coding problems in the next 30 minutes. Here, coding questions are of a slightly higher difficulty level than the previous round. The last five minutes of the interview are reserved for the questions from candidate.
Design Interview Round
There are two types of design interview- system design or product design. The interview revolves around questions regarding design principles, requirements, improvements and previous projects undertaken by the candidate. This interview determines candidate’s proficiency and level of expertise to tackle complex services.
Behavioral/ Cultural fit Interview Round
In this interview, the panel intends to evaluate the personality traits of the candidate. Questions are asked around candidate’s personal values, motivations, history, profile and future plans. Candidate is expected to support his/her answers with examples and anecdotes. The interviewers also tend to check if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture.
To learn more details, visit www.facebook.com/careers/.
*The Company reserves the right to make changes in the selection process.
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