Test Pattern and Recruitment Process of eBay

About eBay
eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce company founded in 1995. It is a multibillion-dollar business that offers services in 100+ countries across the world. The company is headquartered in U.S. and has offices at 62 locations worldwide. It started as the first online auction site to allow person-to-person transactions, and today, the site has 180+ million global users.  Apart from its auction-type sales, eBay provides online classified advertisements, online event ticket trading and various other services. In 2017, Flipkart gained the ownership of eBay India.
eBay Recruitment Procedure
eBay conducts 4-5 rounds to recruit the right candidates for different set of roles. The selection panel chooses candidates on the basis of their technical and analytical abilities. The recruitment procedure generally starts with an online written test, followed by 3-4 rounds of interview. In case of direct online application, the candidate may be required to give 1-2 telephonic interviews before being called to the assessment centre. Given below is the detailed overview of each stage of selection:
Stages of Selection and Recruitment:
  • Online Round
  • Technical Rounds
  • HR Interview
Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum 70% in B.Tech, class XII and X.
  • No active backlogs.
Online Round
The online round consists of a written test comprising of two major sections. Given table shows the test pattern of online round:
No. of Questions
Mathematical & Logical Aptitude
Programming Aptitude
The first section is based on basic mathematical concepts and logical reasoning. The programming section includes questions from data structures, algorithms, operating systems, C, C++, etc. The level of this test is moderate to difficult.
Technical Rounds
Once the candidate clears the online round, he/she has to appear for technical interviews. Usually, there are 2-3 technical interviews of 60-90 minutes each. In these interviews, the panel evaluates the technical skills and problem-solving abilities of the candidate. Most of the questions are related to networking, DBMS, Java, data structures, operating systems, etc. Candidate may also be asked to solve a few questions or write some programs. Further, the candidate is inquired about his/her training projects or internships.
HR Interview
This is the final stage of selection process at eBay. After the candidate qualifies the technical rounds, he/she is called for an HR interview. HR interview lasts for 30-45 minutes. Here, the panel probes the candidate around behavioural and situation-based questions. In addition, the candidate is asked about his/her interests, background, career plans, experiences, personality traits, etc. It is essential for the candidate to have a good knowledge of the company before appearing for HR interview.
Visit careers.ebayinc.com for detailed information.
*The Company reserves the right to make changes in the recruitment process.
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