eBay Reasoning Questions

eBay’s aptitude test is a part of its recruitment process. The main objective of this test is to assess the mental capabilities and skills of a candidate such as analytical ability, problem solving and decision making skills, comprehension skills, etc. eBay’s aptitude questions revolve around three broad areas – quantitative aptitude, verbal ability and logical reasoning.
In this article, we are providing certain sample reasoning aptitude questions asked by eBay:
  1. The number of boys in a class is three times the number of girls. Which one of the following numbers cannot represent the total number of children in the class?
    1. 48
    2. 44
    3. 42
    4. 40
    Answer: Option 3
    Suppose the number of girls = G
    Then number of boys = 3G
    So, the number of students in the class must be a multiple of 4.
    There is only one choice, which is not the multiple of 4 i.e. 42.
  1. Complete the series 5G7 7H10 10I14 14J19 ________
    1. 16K20
    2. 17K21
    3. 18K21
    4. 19K25
    Answer: Option 4
    The first numbers are increasing by 2, 3, 4, 5
    Thus, 14 + 5 = 19
    The last number is increasing by 3, 4, 5, 6
    Thus, 19 + 6 = 25. Thus, 19K25
  2. A cube is to be coloured in such a way as to avoid the same colour on adjacent surfaces. What is the minimum number of colours you will require?
    1. Three
    2. Four
    3. Six
    4. Nine
    Answer: Option 1
    We can have same colour on all opposite faces. So we need three different colors to avoid same colours on adjacent faces.
  1. If P is taller than Q, R is shorter than P, S is taller than T but shorter than Q, then who among them is the tallest?
    1. P
    2. Q
    3. S
    4. T
    Answer: Option 1
    P > Q, P > R, Q > S > T, Combining P > Q > R > S > T or P > R > Q > S > T, so P is the tallest.
  2. In a certain code TEACHER is written as VGCEJGT. How is CHILDREN written in that code?
    Answer: Option 4
    T E A C H E R +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 V G C E J G T
    Follow the same pattern to obtain the answer.
    So, children will be coded as EJKNFTGP.
  1. Ravi has Rs. 3 more than Ramu, but then Ramu wins on the horses and trebles his money, so that he now has Rs. 2 more than the original amount of money that the two boys had between them. How much money did Ravi and Ramu have between them before Ramu’s win?
    1. Rs. 9
    2. Rs. 11
    3. Rs. 13
    4. Rs. 15
    Answer: Option 3
    Suppose money with Ramu is M.
    Money with Ravi is M + 3.
    After winning the race, Ramu has = 3M.
    Thus, 3M = 2 + 2 M + 3 → M = 5.
    Total money is 5 + (5+3) = 13
  2. A cube has six faces each of a different colour. The red face is opposite black. The green face is between red and black. The blue face is adjacent to white and the brown face is adjacent to blue. The red side is face up. The side opposite brown is
    1. red
    2. black
    3. white
    4. green
  3. I. P × Q means P is the brother of Q. II. P + Q means P is the father of Q. III. P – Q means P is the sister of Q. Which of the following represents ‘X’ is the uncle of ‘M’?
    1. X + Y – M
    2. X × Y + M
    3. X + Y × M
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option 2
    Try by choices. X x Y => X is brother of Y. Y + M = Y is father of M. Thus, X should be uncle of M.
  4. In a coded writing, “come at once father very ill” is written as “XLNV ZG LMXY UYGSVI EVIB ROO”. What is the corresponding code for “mother”?
    1. NOGSVI
    2. NOTSVI
    3. NLGSVI
    4. NLGSTI
    Answer: Option 3
    The code are as follows:
    Come = XLNV
    At = ZG
    Once = LMXY
    Father = UYGSVI
    Very = EVIB
    Ill = ROO
    Thus, m = N, O = L, T = G, H = S, E =V, R = I.
    Thus, Mother = NLGSVI
  5. In a certain code, ‘BASIC’ is written as ‘DDULE’. How is ‘LEADER’ written in that code?
    1. NHCGGU
    2. OHDGHU
    3. NGCFGT
    4. OGDFHT
    Answer: Option 1
    B A S I C
    +2 +3 +2 +3 +2
    D D U L E
    Follow the same pattern to obtain the answer.
    So, leader will be coded as NHCGGU.
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