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Established in 1995, eBay Inc. is a global e-commerce company based in U.S. The company provides online platform for business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales. Originally started by the name ‘AuctionWeb’, it was the first online auction site facilitating person-to-person transactions, and soon, gained popularity. Today, eBay has 182 million active users across the world. The company offers services in more than 100 countries.
Till now, eBay has acquired more than 40 companies, including Corrigon,, StubHub, etc. The company functions through a number of subsidiaries, namely: eBay Motors, eBay Express, Auction Co., eBayClassifieds, eBay Stores, iBazar, etc. In addition, PayPal and Skype also worked as subsidiaries of eBay before their complete divestiture.
In 2004, eBay launched its operations in India and by 2017, eBay India was sold to Flipkart. Currently, eBay India has its offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai.
  • San Jose, California, U.S.
Key People:
  • Thomas J. Tierney - Chairman
  • Scott Schenkel - interim CEO
  • eBay uses the brand name itself as the logo. The first professional logo was designed in bright colors, with each letter at a different height. In 2012, the company adopted a revised version of the same logo, with a thinner font and leveled letters. This change was brought to represent the consistency of customer experience. While the first version of logo symbolised a creative startup, the new version signify an established brand. The use of different colors is to emphasise on innovation and constant evolution of the company.
  • US $ 10.746 billion (2018)
Number of Employees:
  • 14,000
Official Website:
  • eBay features in the Forbes list of ‘Best Employers for Diversity 2020’.
  • Listed in the Forbes list of ‘World's Most Valuable Brands 2019’ and ‘Top 100 Digital Companies 2019’.
  • Present in the Fortune 500 List of companies since 14 years.
  • Became the first Internet company to receive America’s highest honor for technological achievement, the ‘National Medal of Technology & Innovation’ in 2008.
  • In 2007, then CEO and President Meg Whitman got ‘The Webby Lifetime Achievement Award’ in recognition of the company’s contributions.
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