Hiring Process of Deutsche Bank

About Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank AG is one of the leading global financial service providers and investment bank. Established in 1870, the bank was set up to facilitate foreign trade and promote German industry. Today, the bank has a worldwide presence spanning across 58 countries.  Among the top global banks, it is ranked 17th in terms of total assets. Today, the bank owns Deutsche Postbank, Sal. Oppenheim, MortgageIT, Bankers Trust, and various other subsidiaries.
Deutsche Bank: Hiring Process
Deutsche Bank hires people from over 70 countries across the globe. It follows a set of 4-5 rounds to select the right people for different kind of roles. The company looks for inquisitiveness and flexibility in candidates. The process generally starts with an online test, followed by 3-4 rounds of interviews. The interviewers evaluate the candidates on their core competencies. Same process is followed in case of campus recruitments and direct application. Given below are the details of each stage of selection process:
Stages of Hiring Process
  • Online Round
  • Technical Rounds
  • Group Exercise
  • HR/Managerial Round
Eligibility Criteria
  • Graduate in Engineering or equivalent.
  • Not more than one year of permanent work experience.
Online Round
The first stage consists of an online coding round, where the candidate needs to solve 2-3 coding questions. In some cases, the test may include 5-10 multiple choice questions based on data structures, programming languages, algorithms, operating systems, etc.  The total duration of the test is 90 minutes. Usually, the test is of medium level of difficulty.
Technical Rounds
After clearing the online round, the candidates are called for technical rounds. There are 2 technical interviews of 30-40 minutes each. Here, the interview panel assesses the technical subject knowledge of the candidate. The level of the questions is moderate to difficult. Also, the candidate is given some questions to solve. In addition, the interviewers may ask questions regarding the internships, projects and training undertaken by the candidate.
Group Exercise
Once the candidates qualify the technical rounds, they are called for a group discussion or group activity. Usually, this round lasts for 30 minutes. Candidates are divided into groups of 8-12 and given any current topic to discuss. Alternatively, there may be a group activity where the candidates are asked to build a model with the given materials.
Note: Group exercise does not always form a part of Hiring process.
HR/Managerial Round
This is the final stage of hiring process. In this round, 1-2 interviews are conducted to gauge the personality traits of the candidate. Most questions revolve around the candidate’s personal values, experiences, background, career plans, views on workplace scenarios, etc. The interviewers may also probe the candidate based on the information given in his/her resume.
To get more information, visit www.db.com/careers.
*The Company reserves the right to make changes in the hiring process.
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